Does your charity website need a blog?

blogging for charity websites

Because a blog will be the hub of your charity website!

Some of your visitors will be looking for a post about the event that they have attended and other visitors may be looking for a post about the event they didn’t manage to attend.
Similarly it could be that a visitor searched for information or help and your blog article provides the answers they need.
Therefore blog posts about your fund raisers, individuals who are effected by, helped by or touched by your cause will create interest and activity on your charity website.


‘Why do I need a blog on my Charity Website?’

In addition to this, your blog creates an opportunity to use keyphrases such as ‘charity website’. As a result, search engines index key phrases from your pages. This means that your blog entries will appear in search results. This will encourage more relevant visitors to your website.

This could be how you landed on this page? Did your search include the keyphrase ‘Charity Website’?
Therefore the purpose of creating blog posts and maintaining your charity blog is to provide your visitor with content which makes your website more appealing and also provides search engines with keyphrases such as ‘charity website’.

Learn how to write blog posts for SEO to get your posts high in search results.


Key Phrases

The CMS software checks key area’s highlighting points which require improvement. After you have created a post it is just a matter of addressing the SEO elements which have been highlighted and improving the text content as suggested.

Your focus keyphrase can be entered and this will be checked to ensure your post is optimised for the phrase.

As a result you will have a smiley face!

Therefore you don’t need to be an SEO expert. You can manage your own content and create posts which rank highly in search results.

Creating a blog post in WordPress

WordPress is becoming the most popular website platform, the easy to use intuitive interface is one of the attractive features.
It is easy to create a blog post using WordPress, you’ll soon become addicted and will post with the slightest excuse.