Project Description

#Protect ERNs – The Brief

Protect ERNs is a charity microsite commissioned by the Genetic Alliance that fights to protect the sharing of Genetic data following the UK’s departure from the EU in March 2019.

Without continued involvement of the UK, the capacity of ERNs will be diminished and networks risk falling short of their ambition to raise standards and equity in rare disease care across the EU.

The Genetic Alliance UKRare Disease UK and SWAN UK share a multi-site WordPress installation all built and hosted by DigOnline. Occasionally there is a need to host offshoot, separate sites on a temporary basis. These are fully independent temporary sites are hosted ad-hoc for as long or as short as they need to be, and use a common template framework which helps keep the costs down. These types of micro-site are perfect for special campaigns or fundraising events that need more oomph than just a page on the parent sites.

protect erns site screenshot - Protect ERNs