Website File Name Convention

Are file names important? Human readable file name Naming a file that best describes the file and maybe has keywords for SEO is important, that’s all we need to know?   File Name for SEO The most obvious rule is to have a short description so people (and yourself) know what the file is when […]

Link Hamson Website Launch 2019

Link Hamson‘s current platform was no longer supported coupled with the need for a timely upgrade. Link Hamson is a UK distributor for equipment and consumables for the electronics manufacturing industry.Although e Commerce is required, some capitol and complex equipment cannot be on sale and requires a custom quote. Dig Online created a proposal which […]

Affordable Website Design in High Wycombe

Website Build, Hosting & Technical SupportMonthly Billed Packages When starting up a small business, there are a lot of initial expenses.All businesses need a website, it is important even if only to show your potential customer who you are, where you are, and to create a good impression. It’s not a surprise that many decide […]

Billi’s first PAT dog placement

Dig Online’s mascot Billi went to visit The Fremantle Trust for his first PAT dog placement on Tuesday. This was at Beechlands Court which has supported living flats where he met with the manager Warren Wood. Warren explained to Billi that there is one resident in particular who will love to meet Billi as he […]

How to optimise an image for website use using GIMP

  How to optimise an image for website use using GIMP It is important to resize images before uploading them to your websiteThis video tutorial shows you how this can be done using GIMP the free image editor

How to crop an image

You may want to crop an image to improve the compositionThis is easy to do and you will be shown how to do this using a computer or a smart phone How to crop an image using your smartphone  How to crop an image using your computer with Irfan View software

How to take a good photo – Composition

How to take a good photo – Composition compositionnounthe act of combining parts or elements to form a whole’s definition of composition is a good way to describe photography composition as wellLearn these simple techniques to combine the parts or elements of your photo which will transform your photography skillsThe two key area’s to […]

YouTube Tags & SEO

YouTube is the second most popular search engine SEO is just as important for your videos as it is for your blog posts. A good way to optimise your videos for search results is to use leveraging tags.   What makes YouTube Tags so Important? YouTube tags  contextualise video’s content.Assign a topic and category to […]

Smart Phone Photography – Lighting

Images can be ruined if the lighting or exposure is not correct.Smartphones have an easy method to adjust the lighting whilst you are taking a photo. Your subject can be too dark when the sun is behind as the automatic lighting attempts to set the exposure to is correct for all of the image.So if […]

Free Image Resources

Creating your own images for product promotions or blog posts about events can be costly.Taking the image is not so costly these days, but image editing and manipulation software can be.You may not have the time to take the image yourself and want to download an image, but this can risk copyright issues.Subscription to a […]