Free Stock Images

We all need stock images for our website, blog, publications, adverts, and social media posts, but stock images can be costly. They soon add up when you run out of allowance in a subscription account. But the answer of course is simple, get free stock images! Free Stock Image by Lisa FotiosPexels curation team member […]

Powerful Free Graphics Editor – GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP)

GIMP is free, an open-source graphics editing software program.Supplied with many professional features which allow the user to perform editing almost to the level possible when using Adobes Photoshop.Many of the standard features are easy to use and available for free, such as cropping, noise reduction, white balance correction, gradients, customizable brushes, and many more. […]

Reasons Not To Build Your Own Website

There are reason to build your own website, this is true.It’s cheap, easy and instant. There are many website builders to choose from these days and once you research it, this certainly seems to be the best solution.But is it really the best choice?   Cost Many of the website builders are free or low-cost, […]

Tips to improve your charity website design

Preparation for creating a good charity website is important and we can help with this process, our experience of charity website design means we already know what is required, what the challenges are. Although there are many factors which make up a good charity website, here are 4 important factors.     The website design […]

Does your charity website need a blog?

blogging for charity websites

Because a blog will be the hub of your charity website! Some of your visitors will be looking for a post about the event that they have attended and other visitors may be looking for a post about the event they didn’t manage to attend.Similarly it could be that a visitor searched for information or […]

How to generate more online donations

  Budget for generating online donations Cancer Research UK reports to have spent £97 million on fundraising in 2017/18 which includes marketing – there are very few charities that have fundraising budgets on that scale. Cancer is a cause affecting almost everyone, there are 360,000 new cancer cases in the UK every year, nearly 990 […]

Why do charities need a website?

Trends are changing it is important that charities strategies and technologies are up to date. Barclay’s report The future of giving found that almost 3/4 of British charities say street donations are in decline. The charity report gathered insight from over 2,000 Brits and 300 of the UK’s biggest charities. 73% of charities reporting a […]

How to Improve Donation Rates on your Charity Website

Website analytics showing a reasonable number of visitors is good.Conversion rates are also important, these are actions you want your visitors to make. For instance, completing a contact us form or making that all-important donation. so how do you Improve Donation Rates to get higher donation numbers? A charity website needs to encourage the visitor […]

Monitor your Website Performance

Now your website is live and you are updating events, blogs, and articles, you need to know how it is performing. Search engines provide invaluable insight into visitor activity, we’ll have a look at Google Analytics.If you wonder what is happening in the background, how popular your blog post is, or what effect your campaign […]