Free Image Resources

Creating your own images for product promotions or blog posts about events can be costly.
Taking the image is not so costly these days, but image editing and manipulation software can be.
You may not have the time to take the image yourself and want to download an image, but this can risk copyright issues.
Subscription to a stock image website is an option but costs can start to add up.

There are free image resources available which can help keep the costs down.
Although free software and images are not quite as good they can serve their purpose depending on the application.

Photo credit: khawkins04 on VisualHunt / CC BY

Photo credit: khawkins04 on VisualHunt / CC BY


Free image editors

GIMP – GNU Image Manipulation Program
A cross-platform editor available which is a powerful alternative to an editor like Photoshop.

IrfanView – Image viewer
A quick and compact image viewer with the ability to edit EXIF information, crop images and perform batch processing.


Free stock images

There are various sources for free stock images and certain requirements, read more in our free stock images post.


Free image search

TinEye – Reverse Image Search

Check if your images are being used elsewhere on the internet or where images in a post may have originated.