How to generate more online donations


Budget for generating online donations

Cancer Research UK reports to have spent £97 million on fundraising in 2017/18 which includes marketing – there are very few charities that have fundraising budgets on that scale.

Cancer is a cause affecting almost everyone, there are 360,000 new cancer cases in the UK every year, nearly 990 every day (2013-2015).
There are more than 200 types of cancer, with an estimated 2.5 million people in the UK today (2015) living with cancer.
Consequently, this will generate donations and a large charity budget to utilise.

To put this in perspective Cancer Research UK spent £423 million on research in 2017/18.

Compared to small charities this budget is unimaginable.
The good news is that there are many low-cost donation generation techniques that can help make the most of a limited budget…


Make full use of content marketing to generate more online donations

Content marketing is a powerful tool often overlooked.

The process of creating, distributing useful, engaging content which inspires.
Various methods of content marketing are available.

Blog posts (you’re reading one now), how-to guides, podcasts, videos, white papers, and many more.
Content marketing will drive awareness of your cause and reinforce and promote your brand message.

So although often overlooked, content marketing is an extremely important strategy and this guide will help you get it right.

Content marketing makes a big contribution to donations, once a visitor is engaged with your content they are much more likely to convert into a paid supporter of your cause.
They can understand the need for their donation and form a genuine relationship with the brand. This extends their empathy for the cause.


Improve your search engine optimisation (SEO)

Of course, the content you add needs to be found. Ranking high in search results can be challenging.
How can you raise your posts to the top of search results, only an expert can manage that?

A well-written post will including keywords and phrases which people are searching for.
Posts about your cause, events you have organised, information to help people understand your cause, all of these will contain the key phrases that search engines will index.
Take every opportunity to write a post, write it naturally, but be mindful of the topic of the post and what the keywords and phrases will be important.

If your post topic is ‘generate more online donations’ try to use this phrase in sub-headings and in the text body.
However avoid shortening or changing the phrase, ‘increasing money given’ is not the key phrase.
There is no need to repeat the keywords and phrases in an unnatural way, just be mindful that you are writing for the search engine to attract the visitor.


Social Media to generate more online donations

In addition to content marketing, social media is a great way to generate more online donations.
Once you have posted an article on your website, this can be shared on social media.
Consequently, this will be shared again and valuable backlinks are created.
A link from one website back to your website is a backlink. Search engines score your website higher if you have more backlinks.

Facebook can be useful as discussions in a group can create interest.
A Facebook group can be set up to post to your Twitter account so your post is automatically distributed.
Posts do not need to be solely about your charity’s cause, sharing other videos and posts on unrelated topics can create shares that make your group become more well known.

Also depending on the type of charity, Linkedin can be useful.
Compared to Facebook and Twitter, Linkedin is more of a B2B social media platform, but there a specific groups there which can prove useful.
Likewise, YouTube is great for information videos and how-to guides, these can also be embedded in posts on your website.
Subsequently, your social media activity will increase visitors to your website which in turn should generate more online donations.

In conclusion, if you are questioning ‘how can we generate more online donations?’ there is a lot you can do by just writing about your charity, its cause, and what you are passionate about.
Your enthusiasm and the activity this brings to your charity website will in turn generate more online donations without needing to push your visitors to your website and the donate button.

Start a discussion in your charity about content marketing and social media, who would be suited for different tasks, what is required, and what the content could be.