How to Improve Donation Rates on your Charity Website

Website analytics showing a reasonable number of visitors is good.
Conversion rates are also important, these are actions you want your visitors to make. For instance completing a contact us form or making that all important donation. so how do you Improve Donation Rates to get higher donation numbers?

A charity website needs to encourage the visitor to become involved. The visitor may have been touched personally by your cause and have searched online for information and/or how they can help such a cause.

The purpose of your charity website is to create conversions.

Therefore how can conversion rates be improved ?

A charity website is not a sales tool as many other websites are. Subsequently a charity website should not adopt a sales approach, the aim is not to sell anything. Conversely the aim is to lead the visitor through the charity website to their goal, be it information or to donate. Designing a high converting charity website isn’t difficult, here are a few tips to increase donation rates.

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