Mobile Friendly Charity Website

Is your Charity Website Mobile Friendly?

  • Mobile phones accounts for approximately half of web traffic worldwide.

  • In the first quarter of 2019, mobile phones generated 48.71 percent of global website traffic.

  • This has been the case since the beginning of 2017

It is easy to  check to see if your charity website is mobile friendly.

Statistics for mobile device use compiled by the Statista Research Department, shows a steady increase for mobile devices web traffic and although it has levelled off it has remained about 50% since 2017.

From Statista’s research they expect an increase of 46% by 2022!

A mobile responsive website will be served to and visited by more people, your audience will instantly grow with very little effort. Upgrading your website to be mobile friendly will have a direct effect on your visitor numbers. SEO work and content management will be boosted and your efforts will suddenly be recognisable as you will start to get the sort of results you hoped for.

When your Charity Website is not mobile friendly this can impact on your visitors experience negatively, which will result in visitors leaving prematurely. Your Charity Website is your main opportunity to attract new visitors and engage with them. Get your message across, create volunteers and generate donations.

With up to 50% of your visitors using mobile devices you risk losing half of your audience before the first click.

A mobile friendly charity website has more of a chance to be shared on social media. The sharing icons can be displayed too small or even pushed out of view otherwise. Your charity website will be shared more readily on a mobile friendly website.

The donation button can be more difficult to find and use. It can even be out of view when viewing your website on a mobile phone. A mobile responsive charity website will attract far more donations.

The most likely way new visitors will land on your Charity Website is from searching for information related to your cause.
There are many methods to ensure you are found in search engine results. Part of the search engine score now is if your charity website is mobile-friendly. Search engines want their users to find quality websites, so they score mobile-friendly websites higher to show them first in the search results.

The importance of being mobile-friendly isn’t just about the visitor experience.

If your Charity Website is not mobile friendly we can advise on how to upgrade your website. We use WordPress to build and design our websites, this is the best solution for a charity website as it is open source software. Many developers are continuously improving and updating WordPress with a range of plugins available. This ensures your Charity Website is scalable and will need to be upgraded less often.