Reasons Not To Build Your Own Website

There are reason to build your own website, this is true.
It’s cheap, easy and instant.

There are many website builders to choose from these days and once you research it, this certainly seems to be the best solution.
But is it really the best choice?



Many of the website builders are free or low-cost, a hidden cost of course is your time. Learning how to build your website, then design, then build, and of course re-build, takes time. After all this maintaining and ensuring your build your own website is up to date, complies with standards, and is backed up takes more time.

We all know that nothing is really free, it has to be paid for or the build your own website business would not be viable.
Either the free is a trial and becomes a monthly charge and/or you have to have adverts and logos on your website.

Other methods to extract more funds are to offer more themes, templates, and options to make your website look more professional.

These costs start to add up, this free or low cost is starting to become costly, don’t forget your time.



First impressions are always important and your website is often your visitor’s first contact with your organisation.
Therefore your website design should provide a professional and unique impression. This is difficult to obtain with a build your own website.

Build your own websites have a selection of templates and themes, unfortunately, thousands if not millions of other websites are created with these, giving the website the look of a ‘cheap’ do-it-yourself website design.

The limited options for customising and design prevent your website from being unique and stand out from the competition.



As you only really get what you pay for, self-build websites are designed as a quick fix solution but do not satisfy requirements in the long run.

Any in-built capability for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) will be difficult and time-consuming to optimise sufficiently.

Build your own websites have shared hosting which typically slow page loading times, potentially losing visitors due to the poor experience.



Do it yourself website is just that, help and support will not be readily available.
Subsequently, it can be frustrating when things are not working and you need help, taking up more time to research the issue or try to get the help you need.



Building your own website has the appeal of creating a website quickly and cheaply, but realistically it will take up your valuable time. As a result of this, you are not concentrating your efforts on your business, therefore losing money.

A professional website takes time requiring knowledge of design and SEO to create a website that attracts relevant visitors who want to stay and engage with your content.

Therefore your time is much better spent doing what you do best – running your business.



Designing and creating a successful website requires a wide range of skills.
Consequently, it is not realistic to expect you to become an expert at everything that’s required.
Your website is possibly your key marketing tool so it pays to use professionals.
With their experience, a web design company can offer you a professional design, expert guidance, and full control of your content.
This coupled with a high-quality website generating traffic, converting into leads, enquires, and ultimately income should effectively pay for itself and more.