Imagery Will Bring Your Marketing To Life

What Is Imagery?
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The virtual world has to be authentic to captivate users. Childish imagery or clip-art just won’t cut it. To connect, you have to feel realistic and use authentic imagery and photos, so that users feel something when they interact with the website. It has to feel real.

An authentic image is one that looks real and directly connects to your message. It can be in the form of a photo (custom or stock), video or illustration. Authentic doesn’t always mean realistic either – a great custom cartoon can also feel authentic to a user.

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An illustration is a versatile means of expressing a message. Used in web design, illustration helps to provide a visual representation or example of what is being shared, making it a message clear. It also offers an attractive or aesthetic element to a website.

When a site uses illustration, it will have an instant visual appeal. Many companies use stock photos to add a graphic element to their sites. However, stock photos are not unique, and not created in accordance with your brand. As a result, your site may fade into the background. Illustration fits in with your brand, adding an element which instantly identifies your company and makes it stand out.

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