Tips to improve your charity website design

Preparation for creating a good charity website is important and we can help with this process, our experience of charity website design means we already know what is required, what the challenges are. Although there are many factors which make up a good charity website, here are 4 important factors.     The website design […]

How to generate more online donations

  Budget for generating online donations Cancer Research UK reports to have spent £97 million on fundraising in 2017/18 which includes marketing – there are very few charities that have fundraising budgets on that scale. Cancer is a cause affecting almost everyone, there are 360,000 new cancer cases in the UK every year, nearly 990 […]

How to Improve Donation Rates on your Charity Website

Website analytics showing a reasonable number of visitors is good.Conversion rates are also important, these are actions you want your visitors to make. For instance, completing a contact us form or making that all-important donation. so how do you Improve Donation Rates to get higher donation numbers? A charity website needs to encourage the visitor […]