How to generate more online donations

  Budget for generating online donations Cancer Research UK reports to have spent £97 million on fundraising in 2017/18 which includes marketing – there are very few charities that have fundraising budgets on that scale. Cancer is a cause affecting almost everyone, there are 360,000 new cancer cases in the UK every year, nearly 990 […]

Why do charities need a website?

Trends are changing it is important that charities strategies and technologies are up to date. Barclay’s report The future of giving found that almost 3/4 of British charities say street donations are in decline. The charity report gathered insight from over 2,000 Brits and 300 of the UK’s biggest charities. 73% of charities reporting a […]

How to Improve Donation Rates on your Charity Website

Website analytics showing a reasonable number of visitors is good.Conversion rates are also important, these are actions you want your visitors to make. For instance, completing a contact us form or making that all-important donation. so how do you Improve Donation Rates to get higher donation numbers? A charity website needs to encourage the visitor […]