Tips to improve your charity website design

Preparation for creating a good charity website is important and we can help with this process, our experience of charity website design means we already know what is required, what the challenges are.

Although there are many factors which make up a good charity website, here are 4 important factors.



The website design should identify your audience

A website is the shopfront to the world, the first place most people visit who come across your organisation.
Therefore it is important to define who those people are and why they are visiting.

What is your visitors preferred method of giving?
Donations, engaging with events, starting their own events…?
How do they prefer to donate, how do they prefer to make contact?

Researching your visitors ‘persona’ through a combination of qualitative and quantitative research will provide greater insights into your audience.
For instance Qualitative research could be speaking to people on the phone, creating an online survey or focus groups.
In addition to looking at your website analytics, analysing quantitative survey results, researching national demographic data, behavioural trends.

Once you know who your audience are, you can start to design your website’s user experience suited to their needs.


Clearly defined Calls To Action

There needs to be clear calls to action on each page and section of the site. What you want the visitor to do, how you want them to engage. Good Calls to Action (CTA)  will make your website be more effective. This will provoke people into getting involved with your cause.

A website can have a good branding, nice images and provide information.
But if this does not prompt the visitor into action, your charity website is not fulfilling the primary function.
Specific action could be donating, asking to join an event or an advice line.
Coupled with becoming involved with volunteering, signing a petition or signing up for a newsletter.

Using action words, keeping the wording specific and simple, make it obvious to visitors which actions they can take.


Test your charity website

UX (User Experience) testing sounds technical but it simply means ensuring you have users tests how the website works and provide feedback.


Monitor your search results

The platform Dig Online uses provides SEO tips and information as you create a page or a blog post.
We provide advice and keep you up to date with the changes in search engine algorithms.
Thereby ensuring you get the best search results for your charity website.
Search engines give higher scores to active websites. The CMS (Content Management System) allows you to update your own website, no delay with getting your information live.

We can integrate Google Analytics so you can see where your website traffic is coming from.
In particular what your visitors what your users are doing when they visit.

Contact the Dig Online team to find out how we can help you design and implement your charity website.