Why do charities need a website?

Trends are changing it is important that charities strategies and technologies are up to date.

Barclay’s report The future of giving found that almost 3/4 of British charities say street donations are in decline.

The charity report gathered insight from over 2,000 Brits and 300 of the UK’s biggest charities.

73% of charities reporting a decline in street donations.

  • People in the 35 to 54 age group gave most to charity on average last year. The next highest donation value came from the under-35s – overturning common assumptions about donor demographics.
  • 55% of younger people say they are more likely to donate than they were three years ago. Underlining the potential importance of this group to charities.
  • On-street donations are still the most common way to give.. But 73% of charities reported street donations are declining as most people do not carry cash.
  • Other traditional channels for giving remain popular. 43% of individuals use offline donation over the past year. While 26% use online methods more. 20% used them equally.
  • 7 in 10 charities see online fundraising as ‘the way forward. Half of charities are exploring investment in new ways for their supporters to donate.
  • Public trust is an issue to tackle, almost a third of consumers stating trust in charities as a barrier to giving.
  • ‘Street giving’ donating cash is still the most common method of giving. 73% of charities stated that the amount of street donations is falling because people are carrying less cash most people favouring cards and contactless payment methods.

Donation Methods

This being the case charities are adopting new methods for donating. Text is a popular method with online systems such as Paypal, Just Giving, and Apple Pay.
90% of charities that have invested in these methods have seen payback for their efforts.
Another important factor for the charity website is the promotion of events and ways to volunteer.
With older people being the most likely group to visit charity shops, the under-35s are the most likely to volunteer for a favourite cause (29%) or engage with a sponsored event (28%), getting your information to this group is important.

With an expected annual growth rate of 46% for mobile device usage between 2018 and 2022, it is important that the charity website is mobile-friendly.
Of course, the younger generation primarily using mobile devices and various social media platforms.

As internet usage and donation activity is changing there is a risk that some charities without a modern, strong online presence, may be miss out on donations and support.