Why is it so Important to Update a WordPress Website?

We are used to having to update our computers, mobile phones, the apps that we use, and more. If you have a WordPress website, you may ask why it’s so important to update a WordPress website?

As WordPress is tested and updated regularly, the WordPress updates can, reduce issues, provide new functionality and improve the user experience. The same is true of WordPress plugins which are updated as often as WordPress itself, if not more!

Updates can become annoying and can also break your website when they are applied. Sometimes as soon as you have applied one,  you receive notifications of other important updates you must apply.

What Makes WordPress Updates So Important?

After neglecting your phone, computer or any technology updates for sometime, the software becomes slow. You start to experience bugs and, your security is at risk. It is the same for a WordPress website.

The updates ensure your WordPress websites is performing at it’s best. After each update is released, developers are working on better security, solving problems and introducing new features.

WordPress releases will gives you new options to customise your website. Updates will fix problems and bugs that other recent updates may have introduced and provide you with extra security and protection from hackers.