YouTube Tags & SEO

YouTube is the second most popular search engine SEO is just as important for your videos as it is for your blog posts.

A good way to optimise your videos for search results is to use leveraging tags.


What makes YouTube Tags so Important?

YouTube tags  contextualise video’s content.
Assign a topic and category to associate it with similar content, this can amplify your video’s reach.

Following these tips should help you optimise your YouTube video for best search results.

The first tag should be your target keyword the order the rest by importance.

Use some broad keywords as other tags, so for example if your video is called ‘how to kick a football’ adding the broad keyword ‘football’ will indicate that the video’s overarching topic is about football.

Include some specific keywords to describe your video, so the same video ‘how to kick a football’ may cover subjects such as ‘taking a corner kick’ or ‘taking a penalty kick’. Including these specific keywords ensures searches for these topics will also include  your video.

There are some YouTube Tag Generators available which will help you discover the best Tags to use with your video.

  1. Keyword Keg
    You can enter your target keyword into the Keyword Keg tool and you are shown the search volume, cost-per-click, competition, on-page difficulty, off-page difficulty, SEO difficulty, CTR scope, keyword power, trends, and suggested keywords.
    Results can also be filtered by country and language.
    Typing your target keyword’s YouTube search bar you are provided with suggested keywords, the search volume, the last 12 month trend, and questions, prepositions, and hashtags that include your target keyword.
  3.  VidIQ
    VidIQ displays your target keyword’s related keywords, score, search volume, search score, competition score, and overall score.
    This is a combination of a keyword’s related score, search score, and competition score.