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Create a mixed ecommerce & listing website for an electronics reseller
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The Challenge

We have worked with Link Hamson for a number of years now and, as most manufacturers/resellers have found, the complex and variable nature of the product range is difficult to manage for online sales.

We created a WordPress E-Commerce website with the ability to:

  • Choose which products were for sale
  • Choose which products were for quote request only
  • Choose a combination of both
  • Allow multiple files to be uploaded and displayed with each product

All estimate requests and orders are passed from the system to their cloud installation of ACT which they use for order processing and remarketing.

We continue to support Link Hamson as they ramp up operations after the pandemic.


Hybrid E-Commerce Website
ACT Cloud Feed
Opayo Integration
Spam Management
Dynamic banners
Office 365 Setup
Link Hamson Mobile Visual
Link Hamson Mobile Visual