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Full service support with a 4 hour time gap
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The Challenge

We were tasked to create a multilingual site both in Arabic and English.

One of our long term clients, Tasleem initially needed a site that was both Arabic and English.

Arabic is notoriously difficult to design and implement on the web and in print. We had to devise and invent processes to enable us to successfully display right to left/backward text on all media.

While we concentrate mainly on supporting and developing the multilingual website, we also produce other media for Tasleem and Tabreed, their parent company.

These include:

  • Websites
  • Animated Movies
  • Emails, both pictorial and text
  • Marketing movies for public display in malls and on television
  • Physical marketing materials such as posters, door hangers and pop-ups
  • Adverts
  • Invoices, internal stationery

Tasleem is a maintenance client, they pre-pay a number of hours which guarantees them a fast response time and a discounted hourly rate.




Multi Lingual Support across all media
TV Advert design, build and output
Quick turnaround team support
Discounted pre paid priority support hours
Tasleem Tabreed Desktop Visual
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